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Table 4 Performance, Price and Power efficiency for WSM vs. ATOM

From: Hadoop and memcached: Performance and power characterization and analysis

Workloads Performance Price Efficiency Power Efficiency
Job Running Time (sec) Speedup (WSM vs. ATOM) Server Cost ($) Cost Ratio (WSM vs. ATOM) Performance -per-$ Ratio (WSM-vs. ATOM) Average Power (W) Power Ratio (WSM vs. ATOM) Performance –per-watt Ratio (WSM vs. ATOM)
Wordsort 793.0 2948 3.72X 7307 628 11.64X 0.32X 192.1 44.16 4.35X 0.85X
WordCount 326.1 5767 17.69X 1.52X 260.46 41.48 6.28X 2.82X
Terasort 2837.7 28967 10.21X 0.88X 215.96 42.3 5.11X 2.00X
Nutch Indexing 178.7 1819 10.18X 0.87X 219.88 41.32 5.32X 1.91X
K-Means 668.3 11357 16.99X 1.46X 250.05 42.07 5.94X 2.86X