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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 QoS+ Parameters: information sources and approaches

From: Trust as a facilitator in cloud computing: a survey

QoS+ Parameters Who provide the information? How to derive the information?
SLA CPs, CBs, CCs, CCas Standardized SLAs
Compliance CAs, CSA Audit Standards, CCM
Portability CPs SLAs
Geographical Location   
Customer Support CCs, CPs, CBs, CCas SLAs, User Feedback
Performance CBs, Independent Third-party, CCs, CPs Measurement, User Feedback
Federated IdM CPs SLAs
Security CSA, CPs, CAs CSA CAIQ, Certificate-based Attestation mechanism, Audits
User Feedback CCs Measurement and Ratings (User Feedback)
Service Deployment Models CCs, CBs, CRs Context Dependency and Similarity techniques
Service Delivery Models