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Table 1 Comparison of product offerings by Amazon EC2, Flexiscale and GoGrid

From: A constraints-based resource discovery model for multi-provider cloud environments

   Amazon EC2 Flexiscale GoGrid
Hardware Configuration Unit Sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, etc; Instance Types: standard, micro, high-memory, high-cpu, etc. Server Unit: combination of different CPU, memory and storage. Cloud Server Size based on RAM.
Operating System Type Amazon Machine Images (AMI). Standard Windows or Linux ISO images. GoGrid Server Images.
Pricing Structure Virtual Machine On-demand Instance, Reserved Instance and Spot Instance pricing. Server Units. Based on the amount of RAM deployed (RAM hours)
  Storage Storage attached to VM is free; Other storage offerings like Elastic Block Store (EBS) is charged based on provisioned storage and I/O request; Simple Storage Service (S3) is charged based on bucket location, redudancy durability and data transfer request. Disk space is charged per month per GB of storage space allocated no matter it is attached to a server or not. Additional storage space is charged by monthly usage.
  Data Transfer Based on availability zones and regions; No charge within same region. Traffic on private VLAN is free; inbound and outbound traffic on public VLAN is charged. Inbound transfer is free; outbound transfer is charged.
  1. The following table compares the product offerings by Amazon EC2, Flexiscale and GoGrid.