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Table 1 Input and output parameters for the local cache node

From: Cache performance models for quality of service compliance in storage clouds

Parameter Description Value
N Uers Number Active Users 10 - 250
( 1 λ App ) Application Request exp (2.5)
  Inter-repetition Time (sec)  
J Limit Transaction Limit for Received Jobs Infinite
J Policy Job Instance Limit Policy Queue
J Priority Priority assigned for Regular 5
( 1 μ CPU ) Average CPU Service Time (sec) exp (1.5)
N F Average I/O File Read Count Constant (1)
S F Average Read File Size (MB) Constant (1)
S CPUMem Average Size of Memory (MB) Uniform (0- 10)
C L Capacity of Local Cache (GB) 40 - 200
C S Capacity of Remote Storage (GB) 1000
L Local Cache Capacity (users) 10 - 50
S Remote Storage Capacity (users) 400
P L Overall Local Cache Hit Ratio 0 - 1