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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 Open-source codes in Bitbucket repository (Part I)

From: Experiences in building a mOSAIC of clouds

Component Description Sub-repository
  API implementations  
Java API Provides the developer with an asynchronous API formanaging a customized Component and allowing the access to various data sources and backends Mosaic-java-platform
Python API Similar with Java API, but for Python Mosaic-python-platform
Erlang Tools for Erlang Mosaic-erlang-tools
NodeJS NodeJS implementation nodejs-libraries
DFS Java Connector Java Connector for distributed file systems Mosaic-java-connectors-dfs
Realtime feeds Allows interested users to receive live updates of various ATOM feeds, via a Web interface Mosaic-examples-realtime-feeds
  Application tools  
Workbench A set of functionalities implemented inside the EclipseRCP that permits to have a fully functional Eclipse workbench to work with the mOSAIC platform Mosaic-workbench
Frontends Allow the user to interact with the actual tool implementations (the backends) via various interfaces like CLI (Command Line Interface) or graphical UI’s Mosaic-node-wui
Eclipse plugins - Editors Provides the end user a way to edit the configuration files in a completely visual way Mosaic-workbench
CA Connector Cloud Agency Connector Mosaic_ca-connectors
Portable Testbed Cluster Local virtual cluster environment that simulates a IaaS
  Application service components  
SLAgw SLA REST interface Mosaic-java-SLAgw
SLA-components SLA storage management component components-SLA
Benchmark-SLA SLA Policy Component components-benchmarks
Benchmarks Java benchmarks Mosaic-java-benchmarks
  Vendor modules (in mosaic-vendormodule-*)  
Amazon Amazon vendor module -amazon
CloudSigma CloudSigma vendor module -cloudsigma
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus vendor module -eucalyptus
Flexiscale Flexiscale vendor module -flexiscale
GoGrid GoGrid vendor module -gogrid
NIIFI Vendor module for Hungarian IaaS -niifi
OpenNebula OpenNebula vendor module -opennebula
OpenStack OpenStack vendor module -openstack
PTC Module for mOSAIC’s PTC -ptc
VMware VMware ’s vCloud vendor module -vmware