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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 2 Open-source codes in Bitbucket repository (Part II)

From: Experiences in building a mOSAIC of clouds

Component Description Sub-repository
  Platform’s core components  
Controller Allows the developer to observe and control the running components (either Cloudlets, Drivers, Resources, etc.) Mosaic-node
Component hub Intermediates communication between the components, and other various needed services (eg. logs) Mosaic-node
Resource allocator Resource provisioner based on existing credentials Included in PTC
Execution engine Container: Component responsible for instantiating linux containers (LXC) from mosaic bundles (containing all required data for running an application) Mosaic-execution-engine
  Agent: Running inside the Containers providing application setup, startup and monitoring Mosaic-execution-engine-agent
Naming service Allows the registration of new components and their discovery by other components Mosaic-node
Deployer A Python RPC implementation based on JSON-RPC2, providing introspection, Unix socket based protocol, standard Http protocol support and a simple CLI application implementing the protocol mjsrpc2
Packager Packaging utilities and repositories Mosaic-packages-repositories
Scheduler & Scaler Scheduling and scaling components Mosaic-scheduler
Credentials service Provides secure access to various credentials or secret tokens needed by various libraries or components to access external resources Mosaic-credentials-service
mOS mOSAIC operating system: the system includes the platform’s core services Mosaic-mos
  Deployable COTS and Drivers  
RabbitMQ component Customized variant of RabbitMQ which makes it behave like a managed component Mosaic-components-rabbitmq
Riak component Customized variant of Riak which makes it behave like a managed component Mosaic-components-riak-kv
CouchDB component Customized variant of CouchDB which makes it behave like a managed component Mosaic-components-couchdb
HTTP Gateway component Intermediates HTTP requests between clients on the Internet and components handling those requests. Provides routing and load balancing Mosaic-components-httpg
mHTTP Gateway component Routes HTTP messages on queue and enable access to a key value store. Renders HTML pages Mosaic-components-mhttpgw
AMQP driver component Message Queue driver for the AMQP protocol Mosaic-java-platform
Riak driver component Key value driver for the Riak component Mosaic-java-platform
HDFS driver component Distributed File System driver for Hadoop Mosaic-java-drivers-hdfs
MySQL component A component for handling (starting/stopping) a MySQL database engine Mosaic-components-mysql