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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 3 Portability requirements (five most important ones in of the six category) and their degree of fulfillment by mOSAIC

From: Experiences in building a mOSAIC of clouds

Requirement Fulfillment Requirement Fulfillment
Market Monitoring
Economic models Model of a component-based market SLA and performancemonitoring SLA compliance checks,component monitoring
License flexibility Open-source Sets of benchmarks Benchmarks forcomponent based applications
Negotiated SLAs Through Cloud Agency Load balance monitor Through Containers
Cost-effectiveness Broker mechanism Service audit
Leasing mechanisms QoS aware services
Application Deployment
Data portability and exchange Unique API for sametype of data services Deploy in multiple Cloudswith single tool PaaS’ Deployer
Scale-in and -out Elasticity of Cloudlets Service discovery Based on semantics
Location-free No location restriction Automated provisioning Requires user consensus
Workflow management Componentsstarted in requested order Navigation between services
Span on multiple Clouds If no communication Behavior prediction
Programming AA & Security
Minimal reimplementationwhen move Re-deployment Trust mechanisms Intrusion-detection as a service
Common set or standard APIs Use AMQP, OCCI Authentication Credential service
Same tools for cloud and entreprise appls Eclipse and Web GUIs Security standards Use Cloud vendor certificates
Ontology of Cloud Own Cloud Ontology Single sign-on
High level modelling Digital identities