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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 Datacenter network virtualization security

From: Towards full network virtualization in horizontal IaaS federation: security issues

Datacenter Features Security components Network virtualization Security implementation
CloudNAS [25] Network Middlebox (Deep Full NVE Optional tunnelling
  Specification Packet Insepction   
  and embedding - DPI or IDS)   
Diverter [26] Multi-tenant VNET Layer-3 distributed Anti-spoofing and
  virtual networks   virtual routing visibility filters
VICTOR [27] Dynamic VM migration FE and CC Set of distributed FEs Policy enforcement
SEC2 [4] Multi-tenancy network isolation FE and CC Set of distributed FEs Policy enforcement,
     VPLS and MPLS
Gatekeeper [28] Bandwidth performance isolation - Set of vNIC -
NetShare [29] Bandwidth guarantees and - Topology-driven -
  high utilization    
NetLord [30] Flexible network abstraction - L2 and L3 encapsulation -
Oktopus [31] Virtual network - Assumption - physical -
  abstractions   mapping to virtual and  
  provision   oversubscribed cluster  
PortLand [32] VM migration, automatic - L2 switching using -
  switch configuration - hierarchical Pseudo MAC  
SPAIN [33] Multipath forwarding - Datacenter topology-driven -
VL2 [34] Performance isolation - AA(Application) and -
    LA(Local) addressing