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Table 3 Running times for a test job on different cloud infrastructures and instance types

From: An elastic virtual infrastructure for research applications (ELVIRA)

Cloud Type Cores Threads Time(s) Cost($/h) Cost per job ($)
StACC m1.large 1 1 12734 N/A N/A
  m1.xlarge 2 2 7549 N/A N/A
  c1.xlarge 4 4 4310 N/A N/A
EC2 c1.xlarge 8 8 3602 0.58 0.58
  cc2.8xlarge 16 16 1303 2.40 0.87
Local   32 14 1863 N/A  
  1. Experiments were run to determine the optimum number of threads and best results are reported. StACC instances are running on Dell PowerEdge R610 nodes with 2xQuadCore Intel Xeon E5504 2GHz and 16GB RAM. The local machine is a dual Opteron™ 6272 2.1GHz. Costs are EC2 Linux US East on-demand prices as of 2nd June 2013, prices per job are for pure running-time, excluding instance creation and configuration overheads.