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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 Comparison of existing cloud resource management solutions

From: User-controlled resource management in federated clouds

Approach Open Integration of Integration of Ad hoc IaaS, SaaS
  source services from arbitrary migration of and PaaS
   user’s devices clouds the managing component  
Industry Solutions No No No No No
OwnCloud Yes No Yes No No
Sparkle Share Yes No No No No
Aero FS Yes No No No No
Anzere [[16]] Yes Yes Yes No No
PCP [[17]] Yes ? ? ? No
[[20]] Yes Yes No ? ?
[[21]] Yes Yes No No Yes
Cloud CDI [[22]] Yes Yes ? No No
Social Cloud [[23]] Yes Yes No No No
Cloud@Home [[18]] Yes Yes Yes No ?
Clouds@Home [[19]] Yes ? Yes ? ?
Cloud4Home [[24]] Yes Yes Yes No No
  1. The solutions are evaluated by means of the criteria defined above. If a matching is not certain due to no or imprecise information, a question mark is entered in the corresponding field.