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Table 6 Comparison of the six log files (one for each execution round) of the third attack step for Gp equal to 1/3 and 1/5

From: If you want to know about a hunter, study his prey: detection of network based attacks on KVM based cloud environments

Log file comparison Gp= 1/3 Gp= 1/5
thirdstep1 –tnormal1 536.666667 559.200000
thirdstep2 –tnormal2 573.666667 1042.400000
thirdstep3 –tnormal3 688.666667 1269.000000
thirdstep4 –tnormal4 478.666667 970.600000
thirdstep5 –tnormal5 878.000000 1323.400000
thirdstep6 –tnormal6 562.333333 973.200000