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Table 1 Notations

From: A secure user authentication protocol for sensor network in data capturing

Symbol Define
p A big prime number
Fp A finite field
E An elliptic curve in F p with a large order
P A point on elliptic curve E with order q that is a big prime number
U A remote user
ID An identity
PS A user password
GW Gateway of WSNs
S n Sensor node of WSNs
Q id Public key of id
d id Private key of id
P set A system parameter set of PKG
h(.) A public secure one-way hash function
H 1 (.) A public function: {0,1} * → G 1 , the G 1 is a group G 1 = {NP|n {0,1…q-1}}
H 2 (.) A public function G 2  → {0,1}*, G 2 is subgroup with an order q of GF (p 2)*
f(.) A public function: G 1  → {0,1}*
ê(.) An admissible pairing: G 1  × G 1 → G 2
E k (m) Encrypt message m with key k
D k (c) Decrypt message c with key k
|| A string concatenation operation
A XOR operation