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Table 1 Terminology definition

From: Greedy scheduling of tasks with time constraints for energy-efficient cloud-computing data centers

Terminology Definition
V Total number of task types
N Number of task arrivals
n i Number of type-i task arrivals, where 0≤iV
M Number of active servers in data center
S j Server j, where 1≤jM
B i,j Capacity of S j to store type-i tasks
x i,j Number of task i assigned to S j
μ i,j Average processing time of type-i task by S j
τ i,j Average queueing delay of type-i tasks on S j
w i,j Queue occupancy of type-i tasks at S j
T w Average task response time
X j Schedule in which tasks are processed by S j
ω Weight vector
P i,j Power consumed by S j to process a type-i task
E i,j Energy consumed by S j to process a type-i task
E Total server energy consumption in a data center