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Table 1 The number of active switches and ports on the network

From: Towards bandwidth guaranteed energy efficient data center networking

Devices Number of active Total number of active Uplink Downlink Number of active ports
  Switches in pod i Switches on the network ports ports per Switch in pod i
Edge switch \(\frac {k}{2}\) \(\frac {k^{2}}{2}\) \(NS^{Agg}_{i}\) \(\frac {k}{2}\) \(NP^{Edge}_{i}=\frac {k}{2}+NS^{Agg}_{i}\)
Agg switch \(NS^{Agg}_{i}\) \({\sum \limits _{i}^{k}}NS^{Agg}_{i}\) N S Core \(\frac {k}{2}\) \(NP^{Agg}_{i}=\frac {k}{2}+NS^{Core}\)
Core switch / N S Core / / N P Core=k