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Table 3 Cloud security threats and some related solutions based on our survey and the CSA documents [16, 24]

From: Security transparency: the next frontier for security research in the cloud

Threats affecting the wider adoption of the cloud Some related security solutions
Threat 1 Customer CSC’s network traffic introspection VM monitoring,
Threat 2 Security Analysis of API Encryption, Access Control encapsulation, abstraction
Threat 3 Supply chain audit including human resource hiring procedure, Security certification, Audits, Use of Trusted Cloud Computing Platform (TCCP)
Threat 4 VM monitoring and cloud audit, Access control, SLA enforcement for patching and vulnerability remediation
Threat 5 API, Access control, Encryption and key management, Use of Trusted Cloud Computing Platform (TCCP)
Threat 6 VM monitoring, Use of Trusted Cloud Computing Platform (TCCP), Access control and authentication
Threat 7 Security certification, Audits, SLA monitoring