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Table 7 Cloud service specification framework comparison

From: An approach to unified cloud service access, manipulation and dynamic orchestration via semantic cloud service operation specification framework

Approach Syntax/Semantics Model core/Base concepts Management interface Service orchestration
OCCI OCCI Grammar Category, Kind, Mixin, Resource Instantiation, Collections, Discovery/Entity, Resource, Link, Action) [35] Testing tool, doyouspeak OCCI,OCCI API OCCI client
TOSCA YAML Topology Templates, Plans/Service, Node, Relationship, Requirement, Capability, Artifact, Policy, Cloud Service Archive [36] OpenTOSCA, jclouds and PyTosca API Pre-defined Plans
mOSAIC OWL Environment, Infrastructure, Resource, Runtime Component, Stateful Component, Stateless Component, etc. [37] mOSAIC API mOSAIC Cloud Agency
SAMOS OWL Entity and operation classifications, Entity datatype specifications, Entity operational relationship Specifications, etc. USAMS prototype tool, flexible choice of API libraries via OCSO API Lightweight automatic reasoning