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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 Participants

From: Components of service value in business-to-business Cloud Computing

Participant or PAR# Position Industry Cloud Computing Services Cloud Usage
1 Chief Information Officer Research Infrastructure Virtual machine; Statistical Analysis software package
2 IT Director Legal Infrastructure Data storage; Document Management System
3 Director IT Infrastructure Data storage
4 Executive Director Education Infrastructure Virtual machine; Customer Relationship Management
5 Director Logistics Infrastructure Supply Chain Management
6 General Manager Hospitality Software and Platform Survey tool; Database; Hotel applications; Payroll solutions
7 General Manager Transport Software Customer Relationship Management; Email security
8 IT Manager Not-for-profit Infrastructure Virtual machine; Network; Servers
9 Managing Director Recruitment Infrastructure and Software Recruitment database; Data Storage
10 Director Accounting services Software Bookkeeping
11 Investor Startup Infrastructure Virtual machine
12 Director Education Infrastructure Virtual machine; Data storage; Servers
13 Chief Technology Officer IT Infrastructure Data storage; Virtual machine
14 Solutions Architect Financial Infrastructure Data storage; Virtual machine
15 Founder Startup Infrastructure and Platform Virtual machine; File service; Domain Name System
16 IT Director Transportation Infrastructure and Platform Absence Management System; Payroll; Transportation Tracking System
17 Manager IT Infrastructure, Software and Platform Recruitment system; Job Boards; Virtual machine
18 Partner Accounting services Infrastructure and Platform Accounting software; Invoicing; Bookkeeping; Accounting
19 Manager IT Infrastructure and Platform Data storage; Virtual machine; Domain Name System
20 Solution Adviser IT Infrastructure and Software Enterprise Resource Planning system
21 Executive Director IT Infrastructure and Platform Data storage; Servers