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Table 2 Interview Schedule

From: Components of service value in business-to-business Cloud Computing

1. Please tell me about your role in your organisation.
2. What types of cloud computing services does your organisation currently utilise?
3. Please tell me about the infrastructure services you get through the cloud.
4. Can you describe the decision-making process in selecting cloud computing service providers?
5. Were there other companies that you consider to offer the same service?
Interview proper
Service quality
6. What would you say are the important things to your company about the quality of the service delivered?
7. What does reliability mean to you for the service delivered?
8. How do you monitor the service delivery from your cloud provider?
Service equity
9. Does it make sense to buy this company's services compared to other cloud providers?
10. Even if other providers offer services as good as this cloud service provider's would you still prefer this provider?
11. What would you say is important when rating your experience with this provider?
Confidence benefits
12. What are the benefits from the service relationship?
13. What makes you confident about the service provider?
14. What makes you uncomfortable or nervous about the service provider?
15. Do you receive the expected service benefits from your cloud provider?
Perceived sacrifice
16. What would you say are the costs of the service relationship?
17. How did you determine that the costs charged were reasonable?
18. Are there technical costs you pay, such as bandwidth degradation, for having the service?
19. Are there other things that you lose by having this service?
20. In what way does this service relationship affect your job as a senior manager within the organisation?