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Table 4 Regression analysis characterizing the impact that architecture size, density, and graph family have on failure sequence duration

From: Evaluating robustness of cloud-based systems

Parameters Bi Std. err. t-value p-value
size 1.07e-02 3.06e-04 34.980 < 2e-16
density -7.40e-01 1.28e+00 -0.577 0.564
scale free -1.45e+01 8.51e-01 -17.122 < 2e-16
small world 1.77e+00 7.60e-01 2.332 0.020
(intercept) 5.21e+00 8.30e-01 6.277 6.65e-10
   residual 5.486
   F statistic 594.7
   adjusted R2 0.7986