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Table 1 High availability definitions

From: High availability in clouds: systematic review and research challenges

Reference Definition
Achieving High Availability at the Application Level in the Cloud [7] The services provided by the applications are considered highly available if they are accessible 99.999 % of the time (also known as five 9’s)
Managing Application Level Elasticity and Availability [25] High availability is achieved when the outage is less than 5.25 minutes per year
Scheduling highly available applications on cloud environments [35] High availability systems are characterized by fewer failures and faster repair times
Are clouds ready for large distributed applications? [36] High availability is defined in terms of downtime that is the total number of minutes the site is unavailable for events lasting longer than 5 minutes over a 1-year period
Software aging in the eucalyptus cloud computing infrastructure: Characterization and rejuvenation [37] Availability is defined as the ability of a system to perform its slated function at a specic instant of time.