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Table 2 The findings of stage 1 in the context of DOI and TOE

From: An exploration of the determinants for decision to migrate existing resources to cloud computing using an integrated TOE-DOI model

Context Variable Findings Impact
Relative advantages (DOI) Cost reduction, agility, back-up, and higher performance Positive
Complexity (DOI) The lack of knowledge about the cloud environment, lack of skills for managing cloud-service, cost management problems, risks management, the immaturity of the cloud Negative
Triability (DOI) Ease of testing Positive
Risks (DOI) Concerns of privacy and confidentiality, vendor lock in, and loss of control Negative
Technology Compatibility (DOI) Impact on organisational culture and staff, interpretability issues Negative
Size (TOE) Difficulties in migrating large data Negative
Organisation Organisation readiness (TOE) Level of expertise Negative
Internal social (TOE) Need for adaptation, disruption to current business processes Negative
External social (DOI) Collaboration Positive
Top management support (DOI) Competitiveness, outsourcing culture, trust Positive
Environment Information sources (TOE) Difficult access to information and complexity Negative
Regulation (TOE) Concerns of legal implication, data ownership, and SLA Negative
Selection of cloud provider (TOE) Selection of cloud services and providers is difficult, and Increasing number of cloud provider and their configuration Negative