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Table 2 An example of a set of resource allocation requests

From: Optimal and suboptimal resource allocation techniques in cloud computing data centers

Client Request Type Start Duration Source Destination
C-1 Res VM1 High-CPU T=10 125 - -
C-2 Res VM2 High-Storage T=15 400 - -
C-1 Res VM3 Standard T=20 150 - -
C-2 Res VM4 High-Memory T=10 70 - -
C-1 Req con VM-VM T=15 10 VM1 VM3
C-1 Req con VM-C T=18 20 VM3 C1
C-2 Req con VM-VM T=25 8 VM4 VM2
C-2 Req con VM-C T=30 30 VM4 C2