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Table 3 System Parameters and Definitions of CU module for TPA

From: Privacy preserving model: a new scheme for auditing cloud stakeholders

Notations Description
(βδ)N Aggregated authenticator value
n = {b 1b 2b 3, …, b n } Number of data blocks
log2Kn Size of the encrypted message
\( {\displaystyle {\iiint}_{\upvarpi =0}^{\mathrm{n}}}\varDelta {\mathrm{s}}_{\upvarpi} \) Secure and robust encryption method
\( \overset{.}{\mathrm{x}}.\overset{.}{\mathrm{y}} \) Quotient function that is used as mod
φ Outsourced data file of CU
ϖ Random number