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Table 4 System Parameters and Definitions for the authentication process of CSP

From: Privacy preserving model: a new scheme for auditing cloud stakeholders

Notations Description
Cm Check the message used by TPA to examine the correctness of contents stored on a cluster
Dbi Blocks of data sent in check-message
(Fm, Ft) Fake check message and fake tag generated by CSP if not provided the required service to CU
Φ, β). Prediction of the malicious attacker against protected data (queries and answers)
γΦ Protected data comprising of query and answers
Z j The malicious insider entry
Zj TI Unsuccessful attempt
Z j T I Successful attempt
Δqa = fa(qa) Response from TPA for malicious insider to authenticate itself
β = fa(qa) Successful prediction of malicious insider
sf The features of each service assigned to CU
\( \varpi \) Generation of random number by TSP
ρ* Representing the combination of sampled blocks
g Random generator of TSP
m Impersonated message created by the server
'O Output for check-message
t Data tag generated by TPA to validate the CSPs provided services to CU
Determining the CSPs illegitimate action
\( \frac{\mathrm{s}\left(\mathrm{z}\right)}{\mathrm{t}\left(\mathrm{z}\right)} \) Derivative of two quotients
 ∂ TPA chooses a random value for checking the CSPs provided service
Set of the features