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Table 2 Showing the simulation parameters and its description

From: Energy-efficient service-oriented architecture for mobile cloud handover

Simulation parameter Description
Machine Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6500 Wolfdale Dual-Core 2.93 GHz
Operating system Windows 08 + Ubuntu Linux
Network size 1400 m × 1800 m
Chassis switches 1900
Line cards 1452
Ports 48
Servers 64
Mobile cloud devices 20000
Maximum number of handover 20
Simulation time 27 min
Racks at application layer 16
Racks at IPMS layer 256
Hosts 128 hosts in each rack
Processor 16 processors in each rack
Packet size 1280 KB
Processor memory 164 GB
Storage 480 GB
Virtual disk space 300 GB