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Fig. 4

From: Can functional characteristics usefully define the cloud computing landscape and is the current reference model correct?

Fig. 4

2-dimensional biplot of the 5-dimensional partitioned dataset of the Essential Characteristics. Here Measured Service and Broad Network Access are slightly dominant in the solution, but perhaps insignificantly. Broad Network Access is driven largely by cases 17, 21 and 23, Resource Pooling by cases 27, 4 and 33, Measured Service and Rapid Elasticity jointly by a larger set of cases, in decreasing significance, 16, 2, 30, 1, 31, 25, 6 and 32. The cluster of cases 13, 29, 9, 5, 36, 37, 26 and 22, drives On Demand Self Service. The remaining cases close to the centre form a distinct cluster of similarity, but do not contribute significantly to the 2-d solution

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