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Fig. 6

From: Can functional characteristics usefully define the cloud computing landscape and is the current reference model correct?

Fig. 6

Hierarchical dendrogram of variables in a 2-dimensional representation of the decomposition of the 5-dimensional partitioned dataset for the essential characteristics. Internal nodes are labelled with bootstrap percentages indicating the proportion of times in 1000 bootstrap replicates of the CA analysis that a node is observed. The two distal nodes with values >50% indicate that no other arrangement occurred more often in the bootstrap replicates, and that they are therefore strongly supported. The association of Broad Network Access with either distal node is then the only remaining degree of freedom, and occurs roughly half of the time with each (45.5% vs. 54.5%). Looking again at the biplot in Fig. 4 we see that this would result from only slight alterations to the angle of the vector towards either On Demand Self-Service, or towards Measured Service. Overall, this is a robust result and the two association of (i) Resource Pooling with On Demand Self-Service, and (ii) Measured Service with Rapid Elasticity are both stable and well supported by the evidence

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