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Table 11 Comparison of Soft page aware VM migration approaches

From: A critical survey of live virtual machine migration techniques

Approach Objective Technique Performance metrics Hypervisor /Simulator
Hines et al. [63]-2009 Mitigate the network faults Propose different pre-paging strategies and eliminate the transfer of free memory pages in both pre-copy and post-copy Reducing the number of pages transferred and total migration time Xen 3.2.1
Hines and Gopalan [64]-2009 Compare post-copy and pre-copy Adaptive pre-paging and DSB mechanism Network-bound page faults reduced up to 21% and transmission of free memory pages using DSB mechanism was also avoided Xen 3.2.1
Koto et al. [110]-2012 Tracks and avoids the transfer of soft pages Sonic Migration examines memory pages when live migration is triggered, and marks soft pages to avoid transferring them Migration time is up to 68.3% shorter than that for Xen-based live migration and reduces network traffic by up to 83.9% Xen 4.1.0