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Table 12 Comparison of Dirty page aware VM migration approaches

From: A critical survey of live virtual machine migration techniques

Approach Objective Technique Performance metrics Hypervisor /Simulator
Clark et al. [33]-2005 Reduces the application dirty rate for prioritize the migration process Bound the number of pre-copying rounds, based on analysis of the writable working set Minimal effect on running services, while reducing total downtime to below discernible thresholds XenLinux 2.4.27
Fei Ma et al. [111]-2010 Avoid re-transmission of memory pages multiple times Bitmap page in their improved pre-copy approach Improved pre-copy approch compared to pre-copy reduce the total transferred data by 34% and total migration time by 32.5% Xen 3.3.0
Akoush et al. [70]-2010 Accurate prediction of migration performance Implemented 2 simulation models, termed AVG and HIST, used to predict pre-copy migration performance Predict migration times to within 90% accuracy for both synthetic and real-world benchmarks Xen 3.3.1
Ibrahim et al. [112]-2011 Study pre-copy live migration of MPI and OpenMP scientific applications Novel KVM pre-copy algorithm with different termination criteria Provide minimal downtime and minimal impact on end-to-end application performance KVM 0.14.0
Jin et al. [113]-2011 Designing an optimization scheme for live migration Tries to limit the speed of changing memory through controlling the CPU scheduler of the VM monitor Can reduce up to 88% of application downtime Xen 3.1.0
Zaw and Thein [114]-2012 Reducing the amount of transferred data Framework that includes pre-processing phase in traditional pre-copy live migration Reduce total data transferred up to 23.67% and total migration time on average by 11.45%, with respect to traditional pre-copy migration Xen 5.6.0
Yong et al. [115]-2013 Predict the dirty pages for performance improvement Novel Context Based Prediction algorithm Shorten total migration time, downtime and total pages transferred significantly KVM 0.14.0
Mohan and Shine [116]-2013 Reduce the migration time Avoid dirty page retransmission by sending the log records of modifications Downtime and the migration time overheads are reduced Real cloud setup
Nathan et al. [29]-2013 Avoid aggressive pre-copy termination Adaptive live migration and non-adaptive Reduced network traffic for migration reduced by 14-93% and migration time reduced by 34-87% Xen 4.0.1
Yin et al. [53]-2014 Limiting the page transfer attempts Three-Stage memory transfer approach Reduce total migration time, total pages transferred and useful for automatic load balancing Xen 4.1.4
Zang et al. [117]-2014 Find the appropriate bandwidth that guarantee the total migration time and downtime Theoretically determine the proper bandwidth to guarantee the total migration time and downtime Guarantee the expected total migration time and downtime Xen 3.4.3
Desai and Patel [118]-2016 Improve the total migration time and total downtime Modifying existing pre-copy algorithm handle both low and high dirty page rate and use CBC algorithm Reduces migration time and total downtime CloudSim