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Table 13 Comparison of Page fault aware VM migration approaches

From: A critical survey of live virtual machine migration techniques

Approach Objective Technique Performance metrics Hypervisor /Simulator
Liu et al. [119]-2009 Achieve fast, transparent VM migration Design and implementation of a novel approach CR/TR-Motion Reduce migration overheads compared with pre-copy algorithm: service downtime, total migration time, data to synchronize the VM state, application performance overhead up to 72.4%, 31.5%, 95.9%, 8.54% respectively Real cloud setup
Liu and Fan [120]-2011 Fast and transparent live migration Novel approach based on recovering system (log files) and CPU scheduling Proposed hybrid technique compared with pre-copy algorithm can reduce total migration time and service downtime : up to 43.84%, 62.12% Xen 3.0.1
Hirofuchi et al. [121]-2010 VM migrations within LAN network Advanced live migration mechanism that enables instantaneous VM relocation on physical machines Reduced the total number of transferred memory pages, and efficiently copied them by utilizing available network bandwidth KVM-84/88 and qemu-kvm-0.11