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Table 3 Comparison of Live VM migration models

From: A critical survey of live virtual machine migration techniques

Approach Objective Technique Performance metrics Hypervisor /Simulator
Huang et al. [71]-2011 Select the software and hardware environments that gives the best live migration performance Virt-LM, compare live migration performance on different software and hardware stacks Compare the migration performance on different CDC environments Xen 3.3 and KVM-84
Kikuchi et al. [51]-2011 Construct a performance model of concurrent live migrations The performance characteristics of live migration represent using PRISM model Verify quantitative properties regarding live migration performance (Operation orchestration and Resource provisioning) XenServer 5.6
Wu and Zhao [72]-2011 Predict migration latency Build the performance model using statistical methods such as regression Availability of resources have an impact on migration latency Xen 3.2.1
Liu et al. [69]-2011 Quantitatively predict the energy cost and migration performance Design a high-level linear model to estimate the migration energy More than 90% prediction accuracy in measured cost, reduce the migration cost by more than 72.9% at an energy saving of 73.6% Xen 3.4.1
Cerroni, and Callegati [74]-2014 Proposed a model for cloud-based edge network Considered sequential and parallel migration strategies scheduling alternatives Optimize service downtime, total migration time and network bandwidth Mathematical modeling
Deshpande et al. [75]-2014 Determines how fast the source server goes into offline mode Find eviction time by Scatter-Gather method Reduces the VM eviction time and maintain total migration time against pre-copy and post-copy KVM/ QEMU 1.6.50
Xu et al. [52]-2014 Focus on the cost and performance interference while handling VM migration Design and implement of iAware, to avoid violations of performance SLAs Load balancing and power saving can achieved without affecting application performance Xen
Zhang et al. [81]-2014 Memory and storage migration over WAN Propose a flexible and adaptive migration framework Achieves better adaptiveness for various applications over a WAN Xen 4.1.2
Deshpande and Keahey [82]-2017 Reduction in network contention of migration traffic and VM traffic Presented a traffic-sensitive approach for migration of co-located VM’s Reduces application degradation and total migration time KVM/ QEMU