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Table 7 Comparison of De-duplication based VM migration approaches

From: A critical survey of live virtual machine migration techniques

Approach Objective Technique Performance metrics Hypervisor /Simulator
Riteau et al. [37]-2011 Migrate the VC over WAN network Shrinker detects memory pages and disk blocks duplicated in a VC to avoid re-sending over WAN network Reduce the network traffic KVM 0.14.0
Deshpande et al. [34]-2012 Optimizing the performance of multiple VM’s Present a IRLM for distributed system Reduce the data transfer amount and total migration time by up to 44% and 26% in online compression and by up to 17% and 7% in the case of gang migration QEMU /KVM
Jo et al. [99]-2013 Reduce the total time Detect duplication between memory pages and storage blocks, maintain an up-to-date map of duplicated pages 30% reduction of the total migration time and 60% reduction for certain benchmark workloads Xen 4.1