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Advances, Systems and Applications

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Table 2 Notation for media cloud requests

From: Efficient resource allocation and dimensioning of media edge clouds infrastructure

Parameters Description
  Virtual Network M n (T n ,A n )
N Set of virtual network requests
T n Set of tasks in request n
A n Set of directional links between tasks
s and d Source and destination nodes
p t Required CPU capacity of task t
g t Required GPU capacity of task t
m t Required memory capacity of task t
s t Required storage capacity of task t
o t Processing order of task t
\(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}b_{tt'}\) Transfer bandwidth between tasks t and t
\(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}h_{tt'}\) Maximum number optical-electrical-optical conversions of a light-path that links tasks t and t
\(l_{u,v}^{a}\) Set of optical light-paths between substrate nodes u and v used for mapping of virtual link a.