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Fig. 7

From: Keep the PokerFace on! Thwarting cache side channel attacks by memory bus monitoring and cache obfuscation

Fig. 7

PokerFace performance overhead on Parsec benchmark. The graph shows the overhead incurred by Poker on the Parsec benchmark suite. The benchmark suite consists of different programs which perform a variety of tasks like cache-aware simulated annealing (canneal), frequent itemset mining (freqmine), online clustering (streamcluster), image processing (vips), video encoding (x264), etc. Since cloud instances are regularly used for machine learning and image/video processing applications, these set of benchmarks are a representative set of real world use cases. Memory intensive applications like streamcluster and canneal suffer from 5% overhead due to Poker and a maximum of 8% overall. Other applications which are predominantly CPU intensive like blackscholes (Black-Scholes partial differential equation), ferret (content similarity search) and fluidanimate (fluid dynamics for animation) incur overheads of up to 3%

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