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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 Conceptual and empirical investigations for the selection of appropriate cloud services

From: Current cloud challenges in Germany: the perspective of cloud service providers

Research Type/Stakeholder Focus Phases Reference
Empirical/Customer Five factors influencing the cloud usage by SMEs – Ease of use & convenience; Security & privacy; Cost reduction; Sharing & collaboration; Reliability Gupta et al. [55]
Empirical/Customer Five categories – Information security; Performance & usability; Costs; Support & cooperation; Transparency & organization of the provider Hetzenecker et al. [43]
Conceptual/Customer Proposal of a multi-attribute group decision-making method for CSP selection Liu et al. [45]
Conceptual/Customer Five factors – Relative advantage, Top management support, Firm size, Competitive pressure, Trading partner pressure Low et al. [52]
Conceptual/Customer Three-tier classification framework with six target dimensions – Flexibility, Cost, Performance, IT security & compliance, Reliability & trustworthiness, Service & cloud management Repschläger et al. [42]
Conceptual/Customer Multi-criteria decision-making methods for CSP selection – Performance-based model, Finance-based model, Security-based model Supriya et al. [44]
Conceptual/Customer Proposal of a holistic model for CSP selection – FAGI (Function, Auditability, Governability and Interoperability) Tang and Liu [34]
Conceptual/Customer 13 success factors –, e.g., Performance, Security, Compliance, Legal aspects, Flexibility Walther et al. [50]