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Table 3 Quotes related to the comprehension of cloud services (translated by the authors)

From: Current cloud challenges in Germany: the perspective of cloud service providers

ID Quote
P05 There’s always the question of who you talk to in the company. Is it rather the managing director or is it the IT representative? This is a big difference, because you can assume that of course an IT administrator or someone who works in the IT department already had more points of contact with it [cloud computing].
P08 The first barrier is to understand the process-related or the technical aspect of what this system makes possible at all.
P11 I believe that today, I am absolutely convinced, that there is still the need for some people to find out what is hidden behind the phrase cloud.
P12 If I can argue the statements in descending order of frequency, the main topic is security, data privacy, legislation, a topic where many people cannot talk about it and present it as a defensive reaction.
P15 Some companies or business owners do not yet understand that the data is isolated within the cloud and they sometimes believe, the cloud is like sharing a hard disk; you can get customer data or data from other users.