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Table 5 Quotes related to security concerns, ownership, and loss of power (translated by the authors)

From: Current cloud challenges in Germany: the perspective of cloud service providers

ID Quote
P04 Typically, the IT manager is not necessarily euphoric when it comes to cloud services because, of course, he is deprived of a certain position of power that he has held so far.
P05 Basically, the most important issue is always the issue of trust. The subject of data security, the subject of encryption, for example, is an essential topic, especially in Germany.
P09 What still plays a major role is the handling of the data at the end of the contract. That means the data is in our cloud. How do they get out or do they even get out?
P14 The obstacle number one in Germany is first of all the fundamental fear, everything that is not in the own company is evil. So, I give away what was mine before, i.e. the fear of the uncertainty - what happens to my data, where are my data?