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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 3 Cloud-based detection approaches

From: An SVM-based framework for detecting DoS attacks in virtualized clouds under changing environment

Researchers Approach
Lonea et al. [13] Profile-based detection
Gupta et al. [6] Profile-based network detection
Masood et al. [7] Web-behavior-based detection
Anusha et al. [8] Web-behavior-based detection
Kwon et al. [9] Web-behavior-based detection
Palmieri et al. [15] Machine learning-based detection
Choi et al. [16] Data mining-based detection
Jeyanthi and Mogankumar [17] Data mining-based detection
Jeyanthi et al. [18] Data mining-based detection
Iyengare et al. [22] Multiple stage detection
Jeyanthi and Iyengar [18] Multiple stage detection
Teng et al. [23] Cooperative-based detection
Man and Huh [24] Cooperative-based detection
Singh et al. [25] Cooperative-based detection
Chribi et al. [26] Cooperative-based detection
Wahab et al. [28, 29] Game theocratic-based detection