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Advances, Systems and Applications

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Table 1 Workload prediction techniques

From: Proactive dynamic virtual-machine consolidation for energy conservation in cloud data centres

  Techniques References Parameter Clustering User behavior Window size
Statistical ARIMA [31, 127]     Fixed
[57]     Fixed
GFM [94]     Fixed
HMM [101]   co-clustering   Fixed
Bays Model [54]    Owin=1/2 Pwin
Multi-Way Data Analysis [99]   FCM Fixed
Hybrid AR Model, ESM, WNN, DWNN [35]     Owin=2 Pwin
ECNN and LR [85]     Fixed
Ensemble Model based FNN [39]   FCM/subtractive   Fixed
Static and adaptive Winner Filter [44]   k-means   Fixed/overlapped
ML SVM, NN, and LR [7]     Fixed
GA to optimize Elman NN [179]   Kernal FCM   Fixed/overlapped
NN and Fuzzy expert [144]     Fixed
ELM [89]   k-mean Fixed/overlapped
Multivariate ELM [90]   FCM Fixed