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Table 2 Host underload detection algorithms

From: Proactive dynamic virtual-machine consolidation for energy conservation in cloud data centres

Algorithm Policies Characteristic
Available Capacity Migration Delay Number of VM Host power
Least utilized host [21]     Base on a host with minimum resources
Not cover number of VMs on the host
Static Threshold [21]     Depend on the mean of the last CPU used
Difficult to find the optimal value of the threshold
Available capacity [14]     Base on available host capacity compared to others; Not necessary PMs has less power than the other
Migration delay [14]     Base on minimum time to complete VMs migration process; Need a lot of predication and estimation
Hybrid [14]   based on MCDM
More complicated and difficult for practical
Weighted CPU utilization [124]    Combines host utilization and number of VMs
Need less computation then hybrid