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Table 4 VMP algorithms based solution techniques

From: Proactive dynamic virtual-machine consolidation for energy conservation in cloud data centres

  Solution Category References Considered Resources Aspect Evaluation Performance Better Than
Deterministic Linear Programming [37] CUP, storage and network PMs’ resources subject to linear function Simulation Non
Integer Linear Programming [170] network Tree and forest formulated on graph Simulation BF
Constraint Programming [72] CPU Objective functions for optimality Simulation BF heuristic
Constraint Programming [95] CPU and bandwidth maximum link utilization optimization Simulation BFD and Random algorithms
Convex function [49] CPU PMs meeting all tasks’ demands Google Trace data BF with Min, Max and random
Heuristic Bin-packing [162] CPU, memory and network Volume to size ratio Simulation FF, BF, FFD
Bin-packing [40] CPU and memory Redesign CloudSim  
PABFD [20] CPU on-line CloudSim FF, BF, FFD
Enhanced FFD [11] CPU VM reuse strategy CloudSim FFD and Round-Robin
PABFD + minimum correlation coefficient [68] CPU PABFD with minimum correlation VMs CloudSim PADFB
Approximation Utilization Aware BFD [61] CPU and memory Use VM and PM prediction CloudSim Modified BFD, Modified FFD
Utilization Aware BFD [74] number of network and server resources Network connection Simulation FFD
Utilization Aware BFD [51] Number of VMs Use VM and PM prediction Simulation CPLEX Optimization Studio [84]
Meta-heuristic GA [114] CPU, memory, bandwidth and storage multi-objective formulation of the VMP Itaipu Technological Park DC brute force exhaustive search algorithm
Hybrid genetic algorithm (HGA) [168] CPU and network scalable with problem size Simulation GA
Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA) [3] CPU, memory and bandwidth Non-dominated Sorting GA Simulation GA
Ant colony optimization (ACO) [65] CPU, memory and bandwidth Modeling Multidimensional bin-packing Simulation multi-dimensional bin-packing
Ant Colony System (ACS) [59] CPU Find near optimal CloudSim SLA violation and migrations
multi-objective ACS [69] CPU, network and storage Vector-algebra based resource utilization Simulation single-objective ACO, FFD