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Table 2 Definition and Description of the Six QoS Attributes

From: QoS-based ranking and selection of SaaS applications using heterogeneous similarity metrics

Parameter SMI Category Definition Data Type Unit of Measurement Sample Values
Service Response time Performance This is the measure of the time between when a request is made and a response is constructed for the user [13]. Quantitative Ms (2, 3, 0.5 etc.)
Availability Assurance This is a measure of the likelihood of the duration of time when the service will be in operation without downtime [13]. Quantitative % (99.5, 99.9, 999.9 etc.)
Cost Financial This is the cost of acquisition or usage cost of a service by a user [13]. Quantitative $ (20, 30, 40, 5)
Usability Usability This is the ease with which a service can be used, operated, learned, understood, and installed by the user [13, 42]. Qualitative Categorical range {High, Medium, Low}
Security Management Security and Privacy This is a rating of the extent to which a service can satisfy user security requirements in terms of access control, privacy, data, infrastructure etc. [13] Qualitative Categorical range {High, Medium, Low}
Flexibility Agility This is the rating of the ability to add or remove predefined features from a service in order to accommodate users’ preferences [13]. Qualitative Categorical range {High, Medium, Low}