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Table 11 Comparison of different collection methods of virtual block devices in IaaS clouds

From: LogDrive: a proactive data collection and analysis framework for time-traveling forensic investigation in IaaS cloud environments

  Trust Method Preserving traces of Protection from Parallel
  required   anti-forensic attacks anti-forensic processing
    attacks of type 1 attacks of type 2 of past logs
Remote data acquisition [65] OS, HV, Host, HW Agent    
Management plane [66] HV, Host, HW CoW snapshots Depends on   
   of VMs frequency of snapshots   
FECloud [67] OS, HV, Host, HW VFS    
with SecLaaS [32]   monitor   (audit logging)  
LogDrive (proposal) HV, Host, HW Log-structured  
   virtual storage    
  1. The field of “Trust required” shows the trust required in the guest operating system (OS), hypervisor (HV), host operating system (Host), and host hardware (HW)