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Table 1 Default-scenario parameters and configurations

From: Energy-aware VM placement algorithms for the OpenStack Neat consolidation framework

Parameters Configuration
Host types HP ProLiant ML110 G4 (2 X 1800 MIPS)
  HP ProLiant ML110 G5 (2 X 2660 MIPS)
Number of hosts 800; 400 of each host type
VM types 2500 MIPS
  2000 MIPS
  1500 MIPS
  1000 MIPS
Workloads PlanetLab (10 days of traces)
  Bitbrains (10 days of traces)
Overload decision Local regression
Underload decision The minimum loaded host
  1. The data-center host, VM types and the PlanetLab traces are adopted from the configuration in CloudSim [18]