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Table 1 Symbol and descriptions

From: A placement architecture for a container as a service (CaaS) in a cloud environment

Symbol Description
vm ij Virtual machine i on physical machine j.
pm j Physical machine j.
C ( k,  i,  j) Container number k on vmij
CC ( k,  i,  j,  r) The container k capacity of resource r on vmij
vmC ( i,  j,  r) The resource r capacity of vmij
SC ( j,  r) The resource r capacity of pmj
\( {NC}_{vm_{i,j}} \) Number of containers on vmij
\( {Nvm}_{pm_j} \) Number of VMs on pmj
N pm Total number of PMs
CPU required The required number of CPU cores for new container placement
memory required The required amount of memory for new container placement