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Table 2 The DSLs comprising CAMEL, the core concepts they cover and the roles responsible for providing these DSLs’ models

From: The cloud application modelling and execution language

DSLCore concepts coveredRole
Core (Top-Level)Top model, Container of other Models, ApplicationsDevOps, System
DeploymentApplication topology (Internal Components, VMs, Hostings, Communications)DevOps, System
RequirementHardware, Security, Location, OS, Provider, QoS and Optimisation RequirementsDevOps
ProviderProvider offerings (in form of a feature-attribute model)Admin
SecuritySecurity controls, Attributes and mMtricsDevOps
MetricMetrics, Sensors, Attributes, Schedules, (measurement) Windows, ConditionsDevOps, System
ScalabilityScalability Rules, Event (Patterns), Horizontal and Vertical Scaling ActionsDevOps
LocationPhysical and Cloud-specific LocationsDevOps
OrganisationOrganisations, Users, Roles, Policies, Cloud/platform credentialsAdmin
ExecutionExecution contexts, measurements, SLO assessments, adaptation historySystem
UnitUnits of measurementDevOps
TypeValue types and ValuesDevOps