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Advances, Systems and Applications

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Table 3 The PaaSage use cases

From: The cloud application modelling and execution language

NameSectorUse case providerOrganisation typeRelevant application  
Data farmingeScienceAGH University of ScienceresearchScalarm  
  and Technology    
AutomotiveeScienceHigh Performance ComputingresearchHPC systems, e.g.  
simulation Centre, Automotive Simulation Computer Aided  
  Centre Stuttgart Engineering  
Flight schedulingindustrialLufthansa Systemsconsulting, IT servicesNetLine/Sched  
ERPindustrialBeWanIT servicesMulti Tenant  
Financial serviceindustrialUniversity of Cyprus, IBSCYresearch, IT servicesQuorum  
Human milk bankpublicEVRY SolutionsIT servicesHuman Milk  
    Bank Project