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Table 5 Computational complexity of the FBHC method

From: A dockerized framework for hierarchical frequency-based document clustering on cloud computing infrastructures

NFBHC (1 core)FBHC (8 core)DianaHACSLINKBirch
10514.939 min03.224 min025.786 days004.502 days04.324 min01.175 min
10621.591 min11.229 min298.746 days051.553 days07.637 h13.137 min
10702.215 h01.489 h008.296 years001.450 years04.604 days02.212 h
10820.912 h14.521 h083.080 years014.519 years46.473 days22.149 h
10908.661 days06.031 days830.915 years145.217 years01.270 years09.229 days