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Table 2 Types of bugs which cause programs failed on all the given test cases in the test suite

From: Fault localization by analyzing failure propagation with samples in cloud computing environment

IDDefect typeNumberDescription
1output error118output format error, missing or redundant output statements
2input error21input format error, missing or redundant input statements
3logical expression error36error logical expressions
4variable-related errors30variable initialization missing or errors in assignments, missing variables and corresponding processing statements
5larger conceptual deficiencies28missing key statements or conceptual errors
6control structure error26loop or branch decision control flow error or missing
7function error22missing function calls or function definitions, errors in parameters and arguments
8array subscript error17increase or decrease array access expressions, array sizes
9statement order error10errors in statement order lead to errors in calculation results
10arithmetic expression error7incorrect arithmetic expression
11other incorrect uses4add semicolons before for loop body, string terminator errors, struct −> and. misuse