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Table 1 Frequently Used Notations

From: An efficient task offloading scheme in vehicular edge computing

αThe portion of a task for local computation
βThe portion of a task for V2V computation
γThe portion of a task for VEC computation
\(t^{V2I}_{n,stay} \)The stay time of a vehicle RSU coverage
\( t^{V2V}_{n,stay}\)The time of the Vn in the coverage of the Vi
\(T^{Local}_{n}\)The total time of local computing
\(T^{V2V}_{n}\)The total time of V2V computing
\( T^{VEC}_{n} \)The total time of VEC computing
\(C^{Local}_{n}\)The total cost of local computing
\(C^{V2V}_{n}\)The total cost of V2V computing
\(C^{VEC}_{n}\)The total cost of VEC computing
ψV2VV2V transmission cost
ψV2IV2I transmission cost
ΦlocalThe cost for utilizing local computation.
ΦV2VThe cost for utilizing V2V computation.
ΦVECThe cost for utilizing VEC computation.